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*** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** The Sussex Cancer Network has now been discontinued, and updates are no longer being made to the content of this website.
Please direct any enquiries to the South East Coast (SEC) Strategic Clinical Network for Cancer (Tel: 01293 729 154 and 01293 729 163).

SCN Interim Director/ SCN Macmillan Nurse Director

Caroline Huff

Caroline has been in post since January 2003, providing strategic leadership for cancer nursing and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) working across organisational boundaries to ensure the needs of cancer patients are met across all providers of cancer services within the Sussex Cancer Network.

In addition, Caroline is now the SCN Interim Director

The main aims of Caroline's role are

  • establish network wide policies and systems through leadership of the site-specific nurse specialist groups and the Lead Cancer Nurses/AHP Groups

  • lead the strategic direction of nursing and AHPs in accordance with the Improving Outcomes: The Strategy for Cancer

  • Lead the contribution of the Sussex Cancer Network to development of cancer nursing at a national level through active participation in the Network Lead Nurses/Directors Group

  • Support the development of a partnership between patients/carers and health professionals in the planning and delivery of local cancer services.

  • Provide nurse leadership to the Sussex Cancer Network as a key member of the Sussex Cancer Network Executive Board (NEB), Clinical Advisory Group (CLAG), generic groups.

  • Lead SCN Tumour groups agendas and workplans.

  • Lead on the implementation of the Palliative and Supportive Care Improving Outcomes Guidance (IOG) on behalf of the Sussex Cancer Network management team.

  • Chair the SCN Joint Lead Managers Group

  • Develop an provide leadership to ensure the key objectives necessary to improve cancer survival.

  •  Lead development of operating plans commissioning guidance.

  • Lead development SCN Annual Report.

  • Identify and drive forward implementation of key quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) agenda to ensure value for money and quality of care.

Caroline Huff