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Please direct any enquiries to the South East Coast (SEC) Strategic Clinical Network for Cancer (Tel: 01293 729 154 and 01293 729 163).

Part 1 - Getting a diagnosis and early detection

This page contains a link to a video resource produced in collaboration between the SCN Partnership Group and the School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Brighton. 

Part 1 - Getting a diagnosis and early detection (in 2 parts)

Each recalls how symptoms of cancer presented and what actions they took.

Part 1a - Sue talks of being diagnosed with a rare cancer and the importance of ‘knowing your own body’.

Barry refers to accessing private health screening which led to investigations for prostate cancer. The NHS does not currently have a national screening programme for this tumour type as the evidence base for its effectiveness is weak..

Part 1b - ...but for Barry and Chris this is a shortfall in NHS services. Discussion ensues about national screening programmes, genetic screening, prompts to visit the GP, being persistent and proactive

Related video resouces discussing why patients become partnership group members, support and information, coping with cancer, coping with cancer treatments, and being a carer, can be viewed on Living With and Beyond Cancer our page.